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Whether it's helping with the little things of daily life or a high degree of attention - We care about our residents and making them as happy and comfortable with us as possible. Sensitivity, respect, and understanding all shape how our dedicated staff care for residents creating trusting and personal relationships. 


Marion Oaks Assisted Living is a member of the FALA USA network. 


We offer unique variety of dietician approved menus from Grove Menus. Sample Menu available on Gallery page.

Assisted Living

Marion Oaks Assisted Living enables our residents to lead a comfortable yet independent life, in their senior years. We pride ourselves in preserving dignity while providing all levels of care. We not only provide routine care, but we also like to indulge in some wishes to make these years here in Marion Oaks are just as treasured as those before. Some simple pleasures as having salmon or a Mother's Day hand massage with flowers by the adoring aides who go above and beyond to make everyday here a place to call home.


Memory Care

Those who suffer from dementia in their senior years need special attention and assistance. Our Memory Care Unit was designed especially for these needs. The soothing color tones and less contrasting patterns in the walls to the flooring prevent having any visual difficulties or distuirbances they may face. Life skill stations and activities are placed in various areas to preserve those simple skills taken for granted. Everyday activities that preserve their independence and dignity such as grooming, eating or nurturing. These life skill stations help preserve their individual identity. Many hands on sensory objects and images throughout provoke the senses and hlep trigger memories. Our Goal is not to just assist our residents but to get to know them and let them live with dignity and happiness.


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